Easier to spot than you thought

If a friend or relative is experiencing a few of these warning signs - consult a physician or therapist immediately. If there is an emergency - contact 911.


Becomes disrespectful? Is verbally and physically abusive
Is angry a lot, acts paranoid or confused, or suffers from extreme mood swings
Seems depressed and less out-going than usual
Is secretive and lies about what he is doing and where he is going
Is stealing or "losing" possessions he used to value
Seems to have a lot of money, or is always asking for money
Withdraws from the family and family activities

Physical appearance

Not taking care of hygiene and grooming
Not sleeping or sleeping too much
Loss of appetite
Weight loss or weight gain
Too hyperactive or too little energy
Social Activity/School performance
Drops old friends and activities
Is skipping school
Loses interest in school work and is getting low grades
Is sleeping in class
Loses concentration and is having trouble remembering things
Source: www.teensuicide.us/articles7.html

Pay attention to these suicide warning signs:

Suicide threats, direct and indirect
A teen's obsession with death
Poems, essays and drawings that refer to death
Dramatic change in personality or appearance
Irrational, bizarre behavior
Overwhelming sense of guilt, shame or reflection
Changed eating or sleeping patterns
Severe drop in school performance
Giving away belongings
Source: www.teensuicide.us/articles2.html


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