Audrie Pott, 15, got drunk with her girl friends and passed out. Three boys came into a room where Audrie had passed out. When she awoke the next morning, her shorts were off. Pictures were doodled on her body with a Sharpie. On one leg was the name of a boy, followed by the words "was here." A photograph of an intimate part of her body, taken, while she was passed out. On one leg was the name of a boy, followed by the words "was here." Eight days later she took her own life, hanging herself in a bathroom at home.

Nadia Ilse
To ward off school bullies who began taunting her in the first grade for her ears, Nadia Ilse begged her mother at the age of 10 for an otoplasty -- an operation to pin her ears back. At the age of 14, Nadia was granted her wish by the Little Baby Face Foundation, a charity that provides free corrective surgery to children born with facial deformities.

Isabella Lounder
Isabella Lounder, a 7-year-old student with special needs, was afraid to return for her first day of school in the fall of 2012. Mother Nicole Lounder says Isabella, who has dwarfism, was ignored by school officials, wetting her pants numerous times after failed attempts to use toilets that were out of her reach. Students would also pick her up, hurting her arms, and she was once locked out of the school.

Indiana Teen
A student from Franklin Township Middle School East in Indiana was arrested after a cell phone video of a vicious school bus fight was posted to Facebook in August 2012. The fight broke out when one student had taken a seat on the bus that another wanted.

Washington Teen
A Washington state student was terrorized in a bullying attack by peers -- and at some points, by the teacher. The incidents occurred in February at a Gig Harbor middle school. Cell phone footage shows more than a dozen students dragging the then-eighth-grade boy around the classroom, carrying him by his arms and legs, burying him under chairs, writing on his feet and stuffing his socks in his mouth. The antics last about 15 minutes while teacher John Rosi watches, and later joins in.

Katie Uffens
Katie Uffens left Westview High School earlier in 2012 and enrolled in a home-school charter program after she was told about the existence of a group called the “KKK” — short for the “Kill Katie Klub.” But the 16-year-old San Diego cheerleader who was repeatedly bullied by her peers says the taunting continued even after she dropped out.

Dalton Fleenor
Oklahoma high school junior Dalton Fleenor reportedly told another student -- while away from campus -- “What he did was a p---- thing to do,” referring to a fellow classmate. The next day at school, the classmate in question punched Fleenor twice in the back of the head. Both students faced suspension, as Newcastle High School treated the incident as a case of bullying.

Whitney Kropp
Whitney Kropp, a Michigan 16-year-old sophomore, was the victim of an apparent prank by classmates. Kropp was named to the homecoming court of the 800-student school in the fall of 2012, but said she felt betrayed after some students suggested her selection was a joke. She said she had been picked on in the past, but it intensified afterward.

Preston Deener
Preston Deener, a sophomore at Brunswick High School in Maryland, was the victim of a bullying attack in October 2012 just as he was preparing for an on-camera interview with a local television station about his experience being bullied.

Karen Klein
Karen Huff Klein, a bus monitor for the Greece School District in Greece, N.Y., received an outpouring of support after a ten-minute video of her enduring vicious bullying while watching over students on a bus ride home was uploaded to YouTube.

Stormy RIch
Stormy Rich, an 18-year-old Florida student, says she was punished in May 2012 after reporting bullying of a special needs student on a school bus, and standing up to those bullies when the school didn't take action.

Rachel Ehmke
Rachel Ehmke, a 13-year-old seventh grader in Mantorville, Minn., died April 29, 2012 after hanging herself at her home. The months leading up to the tragedy were a whirlwind of peer abuse instances, her parents say.

Akian Chaifetz
In April 2012, Stuart Chaifetz sent his 10-year-old son Akian to New Jersey's Horace Mann Elementary School wearing a hidden audio recorder, uncovering verbal and emotional abuse from his son's classroom aide and teacher.

Joel Morales
Joel Morales, a 12-year-old student in East Harlem, New York City, hanged himself in May 2012 after bullies at school taunted him for his size, intelligence and the death of his father.

Darnell "Dynasty" Young
Darnell "Dynasty" Young, a 17-year-old gay student at Arsenal Tech High School in Indianapolis, Ind., faced expulsion in May 2012 after he fired a stun gun at bullies he claims were about to beat him up.

Oklahoma Student
A 14-year-old student from Longfellow Middle School in Enid, Okla., was left seriously injured and had to undergo surgery after an incident of bullying went too far.

Corey Pingeton
Cory Pingeton, an 18-year-old student at Franklin High School in Franklin, Mass., required medical attention in April 2012 after an unnamed suspect viciously attacked him in the school's hallway. After fleeing the campus following the attack, the suspected assailant now faced criminal charges.

Julio Artuz
15-year-old Julio Artuz in November 2011 spoke out about his special needs teacher bullying him, filming an encounter with the teacher at Bankbridge Regional School in New Jersey.

Ohio Boy
A 10-year-old Ohio boy in April 2012 brought a BB gun to school to fend off bullies.

Sawyer Rosenstein
New Jersey student Sawyer Rosenstein received a $4.2 million settlement from the Ramsey school district years after a bully's punch paralyzed him for life.

Female Students
In March 2012, two female students from Mooresville High School in North Carolina were suspended after another student used her cellphone to film the girls viciously bullying a male student on a school bus.

Lennon Baldwin
15-year-old Lennon Baldwin, a freshman at Morristown High School in New Jersey, committed suicide in April 2012, and police are investigating whether bullying was to blame.

David Pecoraro
David Pecoraro, a math teacher at Beach Channel High School in New York, was reassigned to an administrative office after video of him swatting at and spitting on a student surfaced online in February 2012.

Kaleb Kula
Kaleb Kula, a sixth grader with autism, was brutally beaten to the ground at his Maryland school bus stop in January 2012 while his peers stood by to watch -- and catch the act on camera.

Warren Lewis
Warren Lewis, a Houston teenager accused of shooting a classmate in the leg at school, said in January 2012 that he was defending himself from a group of boys who had been bullying him.

Phoebe Prince
A lawsuit brought by the parents of Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old Irish immigrant in Massachusetts who committed suicide after relentless bullying, was settled for $225,000 in December 2011.

Restraining Order
Kentucky mother Joy Furman claims her 9-year-old daughter has been bullied for two years at school, and seeks a restraining order against a fourth-grade boy she accused of tormenting her daughter, kicking her in the chest and chasing her with scissors.

Ashlynn Connor
In November 2011, 10-year-old Ashlynn Connor hanged herself in her closet by a scarf, just a few weeks after she told her mother she was being bullied at Ridge Farm Elementary School in Illinois and her mother denied the girl's request to be home schooled.

Kelly Chafins, Christy Wilt
Kelly Chafins and Christy Wilt of Miami Trace Middle School in Ohio were caught on tape in the fall of 2011 verbally abusing a 14-year-old special needs student. Chaffins resigned and Wilt was scheduled to undergo a probation period as well as eight hours of mandatory training in "how to recognize child abuse and stop bullying."

Patty Fabian
In October 2011, 15-year-old Patty Fabian was left with black eyes and a broken nose after a peer at Garland High School in Texas viciously assaulted her. Video of the assault was posted on YouTube while Fabian was rushed to the hospital.

Rebecca Arellano, Haileigh Adams
In the fall of 2011, Rebecca Arellano was crowned Patrick Henry High School's first lesbian homecoming king. The next day, her girlfriend Haileigh Adams was crowned queen. Despite widespread support from the school and the couple's friends and family, the couple subsequently received waves of hateful phone calls and emails.

Nicolette Taylor
In the fall of 2011, 13-year-old Nicolette Taylor from Long Island decided to get plastic surgery after enduring online harassment and name-calling multiple times a week because of the shape of her nose.

Jamey Rodemeyer
Taunted since grade school for hanging out with girls, 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer told his parents things were finally getting better since high school started. Meanwhile, on a blog his parents didn't know about, he posted increasingly desperate notes ruminating on suicide, bullying, homophobia and pop singer Lady Gaga. A few days later, he hanged himself outside his home in suburban Buffalo, quickly gaining a fame like that described in one of his idol's songs.

Justin Aaberg
15-year-old Justin Aaberg committed suicide in July 2010 after what his mother Tammy Aaberg says was relentless anti-gay bullying at his Minnesota school. Tammy Aaberg has since gathered signatures for a petition and marched to the office of her congresswoman, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, to call on Bachmann to publicly address gay bullying.

When video of 15-year-old Zachary being beaten over and over again by a classmate went viral in October 2011, the school told the gay teen that he need to "tone [himself] down." The school's handling of the attack outraged Zach's mother Becky Collins, who couldn't understand why officials would say her son needed to change, instead of the bullies.

Erin Gallagher
Irish Teen, Commits Suicide After Battle With 'Vicious' Cyberbullying
A 13-year-old girl took her own life over the weekend after enduring "vicious online bullying," reports say.

According to the Irish Independent, Erin Gallagher of Ballybofey was reportedly found dead by relatives on Saturday night. The teenager had allegedly "warned her tormentors" that she was intending to commit suicide only 24 hours before.

"U prob think it was funny when [I] f**in put a rope round my neck cause of yous [sic]," she wrote on Friday in a post on, a popular social networking site. Her comment had reportedly been directed at an anonymous person who had been bullying her.

Among other things, the young girl had allegedly been taunted about "her weight and looks." The Sun reports that Gallagher had once said getting bullied was her greatest fear.

Gallagher's death is the "third high-profile apparent suicide linked to cyberbullying in a matter of weeks," the Irish Examiner writes.

Earlier this month, Canadian teen Amanda Todd committed suicide after enduring years of being bullied online and offline. In a YouTube video posted in September, Todd described being blackmailed, taunted and assaulted by online acquaintances and schoolmates alike.

Just six weeks ago, another Irish teen, 15-year-old Ciara Pugsley, took her own life after "being bombarded with hate messages" on

Pugsley's father, Jonathan, told the Irish Independent that he was "completely devastated" that another young cyberbullying victim had committed suicide.

"It is outrageous that this is happening to another young teenager. I'm devastated for that family and heartbroken again," he said.

In the wake of Gallagher's death, a Facebook tribute page honoring the life and mourning the loss of the young girl was set up by the teen's friends and family.

Almost 5,000 people have already offered their support, with some calling for a charity run in Gallagher's name and the banning of

"Erin is a 2nd year student who went to a local school here in Ballybofey who tragically due to bullying ended her own life. An absolute waste of a young life who had so much ahead of her. She was on a website called where a lot of the bullying took place, and I call for it to be banned. Rest in peace Erin," wrote one Facebook user.

Shannon Gallagher, the teen's older sister, also shared her grief on the tribute page.

"I love you darling. It's so hard to say you're gone. Everyone's heartbroken. I couldn't have asked for a better sister. You were a stunning girl. No one deserved what you went through," she wrote. "I'm sorry that I couldn't prevent it. Love you with all my heart."

Iowa Teen Sues School Officials Over 'Severe' Bullying
An Iowa teenager has sued school officials he says failed to protect himfrom severe bullying, including an attack he says left him disabled.

In October, he says, two students hit him repeatedly in the back of head with an American football.

The attack left a blood clot near his brain stem, causing severe neurological and cognitive problems, he says.

Bedford school district Superintendent Joe Drake said the district could not yet comment on the case.

But he said the school district aimed to provide a safe environment where students were treated with dignity and respect.

"Any known incidents or complaints of bullying, harassment or other issues concerning student welfare and safety are promptly investigated in accordance with district policies and procedures,'' he said in a statement.

The teenager, identified in federal court by his initials, and his grandmother say in a lawsuit that he repeatedly told officials at Bedford High School he was being bullied by students who verbally harassed him and physically attacked him.

Officials "would tell him that they would look into the allegation or directed [him] to tell another teacher or coach or that they didn't want to be bothered and walk away,'' he said in the court filing.

After the last - and worst - alleged attack on the sidelines of a football field during practice, coach Robert McCoy told the boy he would look into the incident but "stated he was sure the other players were not trying to hurt him", the boy said in the suit.

A local newspaper reported that days after the attack the boy, then 16, developed headaches, speech problems and gradual paralysis on his left side before he was transferred to a Nebraska hospital for surgery to remove the blood clot from his head.

He seeks compensation for damages from physical, emotional, neurological and cognitive problems that have rendered him "permanently and totally disabled".

In addition to Mr Drake, Mr McCoy and the school district, also named in the suit are principal Dana Nally and another school official.