Brookings-Harbor School District 17-C
Coach's Creed

The Brookings-Harbor School District 17-C takes the responsibility of coaching our students seriously. Therefore, we expect all coaches to adhere to all Oregon state laws, Oregon School Athletic Association rules, and Brookings-Harbor 17-C School Board policies in the execution of their assigned duties. With the above in mind, we have devised the following Coach's Creed.

As a coach in the Brookings-Harbor 17-C School District, I will:

1. Pledge myself to uphold the high standards and expectations of the District in all my associations with team members, their parents, spectators, and opposing teams and their guests.

2. Exemplify the principles of good sportsmanship and instill them in the students under my supervision and care. I will not permit any unsportsmanlike conduct from players or spectators representing the team in am coaching.

3. Strive by personal example to display the qualities of leadership that will inspire students toward the goal of good leadership and sportsmanship.

4. Refrain from using any language that is threatening, intimidating, or degrading to the students in practices or at games, and refrain from any foul language. Constuctive criticism, not sarcasm, will be employed in seeking better student performance.

5. Never use physical force or inflict physical harm to any student in the program.

6. Hold in high regard the safety of every student in my care.

7. Address all parental requests or concerns to the best of my ability and in a timely manner, and follow all District procedural guidelines regarding the formal complaint process if initiated.

8. Abide by and uphold the rules and regulations governing athletic contests as established by the OSAA.

9. Through my program, instill good character traits with the students, including determination, perseverance, honesty, and consideration and tolerance for others.

10. Hold open practices that are available for parents, with the understanding that parents adhere to District guidelines thereof. Give students the playing time that they deserve.

As a coach, I have read the Coach's Creed and fully agree with the conditions of the creed. I understand that the team I am coaching is not my team, but a District team, and I understand that I may be relieved of my coaching duties if found in major violation of District policies, OSAA, rules or regulations, or Oregon laws.

Signed and Dated: