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My Short Story

John of God at Omega Institute 4:07

John of God trip and my Visible surgery 4:34

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John of God trip and my Visible surgery 10:21

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Dr. Wayne Dyer's Leukemia & John of God comes in at 10:00 43:53

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My Short Story

Overall, it was an amazing experience. He has his spiritual allay doctors working with him. They didn't solve my nor Rajyo's cancer. But these these are some of the things that happened to me during my three week stay

My first healing for PC. After psychic surgery, I was to have some soup, get some pills which have been blessed for my condition, and go to bed and stay there for 24 hours. I had brought several books with me, one Prostate Cancer for Dummies, probably over 300 pages. I read it during that 24 hour period. Back-story, I am a VERY slow reader. Have only finished like 8 books in my life. My eyes get tired in less than 16 pages and I stop reading but not this time. I would say that that was a miracle.

I went to him for a second treatment around a pain in my abdomen that I had had for some time. He sent me to the healing room with Maggie. We weren't there for more than five minutes, probably two and they said we were done. I got a little upset questioning it's only been a few minutes. I realized shortly after that the pain was gone. It never returned. And, the little fingers on both hands would often curl up while I was sleeping, something that had been happening for months. I would physically have to pull them open to get them functioning in the morning. They both never curled up again.

Maggie had been down before and had dental work done in a town about 60 miles away. I had wanted to get the mercury out of 17 fillings and in Marin, they would only do a few at a time and then wait for six months to do more. The cost would be from $7-10 thousands. I went with her. He took x-rays and said he could do the job in four days, including putting in a tooth that I had had pulled years before.

Always before, my jaw really hurt for a day or two whenever the dentist worked on one molar. I came back from the first session, drilling the fillings out and filling four teeth. No pain. And, the friends from Harbin noted how much energy I had. The next day four more, the next four more, the weekend break and then doing the last four. (He missed one.) Again no pain, no mercury poisoning, nothing. Total cost? Less than $1,100. The new tooth did get infected and I had it pulled again back in Ashland. Backstory: I had gone to John of God, told him what I wanted to do and he said "We'll protect you." You decide.

There might be other things but I also spent time with many other visitors that came for healings. Some amazing stories. And how buses would arrive from all over Brasil before 6am with hundreds of people. They were coming for a healing and then get on the bus and go home. He would easily see 1,000 people a day. Sometimes, I'm told, over 4,000. For free. He didn't even allow donation boxes for fear that the entities helping him would go away. Yet, American's would send checks, bring friends, etc. enough to build a clinic in town for the locals that had visiting doctors and dentists every week. The Catholic Church hated him and he is a devout Catholic.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. - Gordon Clay