148 partners where you can get free semicolon cards and buttons

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Pickup a semicolon card that talks about suicide prevention and gives a 24/7 Helpline phone number and a 24/7 crisis text line number. Keep one in your wallet to give to someone who might be going through depression or a tough time with a job, alcohol, physical health, financial, or an intimate partner. Take a semicolon button and wear it to let people know you're willing to listen. It's also a great conversation starter about what it means. When a person dies by suicide, they put a period at the end of their life. When they survive or refrain from a suicide attempt, they put a semicolon with the intention of continuing to live on. Let's end the stigma around suicide by being willing to talk openly about our experience and to listen to theirs without judgment. Pickup a free card and button at any of these locations. Contact gordonclay@aol.com for additional supplies or to add your company location to this list.

Arcata, CA (1)

Breast amd GYN Health Project, 987 89th St.

Bandon, OR (1)

Coast Community Health Center, 1010 1st St SE, Ste 110

Brookings-Harbor, OR (51)

Better Health Family Medical, 1101 Chetco Ave
Blue Water Cafe & Lounge,
Brookings-Harbor Community Food Bank, 539- Hemlock St.
Brookings-Harbor School District (4)
Brookings-Harbor Visitor & Tour Center, 16358 Lower Harbor Rd
Brookings Liquor Store, 97921 Shopping Center Ave.
Brookings Police Department, 898 Elks Dr. *
Bud Bros, 1240 Chetco Ave, Suite E & F
Bud Mart, 97900 Shopping Center Ave. #37
CC's Clothing for Cancer, 16399 Lower Harbor Rd
Chetco Activity Center, 550 Chetco Ln
Carquest Autoparts, 718 Chetco Ave
Chetco Community Public Library, 405 Alder
Chetco Medical Center, 97825 Shopping Center Ave
Chetco Music Company, 615 Chetco Ave.
Chetco Outdoor Store, 1622 W. Hoffeldt Lane
Computer Fusion, 1240 Chetco Ave,
Curry Coastal Pilot office, 507 Chetco Ave
Curry Community Health, School Based Health Center, Students Only, 625 Pioneer Rd
Curry Community Health, WIC, Addictions, Behavioral Health, 615 5th St. (4)
Curry Equipment, 15745 Hwy 101 South
Curry Transfer & Recycling, 17498 Carpenterville Rd.
Democrats Headquarters, 617 Chetco Ave
Emmediate Care Walk-In Clinic, 16261 Hiwy 101, Ste 1
Forecastle Books, 547 Chetco Ave
Gunner's Sport Shop, 97797 S Bank Chetco River Rd.
Gypsies, 549 Chetco Ave
Harbor Tattoo Gallery, 545 Chetco Ave
High Tide Wellness Center, 15957 S. Hwy 101, Suite 4
Napa Auto Parts, 1130 Chetco Ave.
Ocean Coast Community Actions, 97829 Shopping Center Ave, Ste F
O'Reilly Auto Parts, 1201 Chetco Ave
Pac-Nor Barreling Inc, 99299 Overlook Rd
Quality Fast Lube, 845 Railroad St
Railroad Street Market & Deli, 534 Railroad St.
Rebel Ink Tattoo Studio, 16118 Lower Harbor Rd
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, 401 Fir St.
South Coast Dispensaries, 1025 Chetco Ave # 4
Southwestern Oregon Community College, 96082 Lone Ranch Pkwy
Speelbound Tattoo,
524 Fern St
Stateline Cannabis, 14377 Hwy 101 South
Towne Buzz Tattoo and Art Studio, 16211 W. Hoffeldt Lane, Upstairs - Harbor
Trinity Luthern Church, 1200 Easy St.
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 966, 507 Pascific Ave.
Village Express Mail Center, 1041 Chetco Ave
Wayne Taylor Insurance, 607 Chetco Ave
WorkSource Oregon, 16261 Hwy 101 South, Suite 11
World Famous Top Shelf Cannabis, 704 Chedtco Ave.

Crescent City, CA (34)

Club Sockeye, 94253 N. Bank Rogue River Rd.
Coastal Connections, 475 K St.
College of the Redwoods, Library, 883 W. Washington Blvd.
College of the Redwoods, Student Support Services, 883 W. Washington Blvd.
Crescent City Library, 190 Price Mall
Crescent City Police, 686 G St. *
Del Norte Child Care Council, 212 K St
Del Norte County Sheriff, 650 5th St *
Del Norte Triplicate Newspaper, 312 H St.
Del Norte Workforce Center, 875 5th St.
Del Norte Unified School District, 301 W. Washington Blvd.
Department of Health and Human Services, Mental Health Branch, 455 K St.
Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Branch, 400 L St.
Elk Valley Rancheria, Human Resources
Family Resource Center of the Redwoods, 494 Pacific Ave.
Full Armor Fire Arms, 425 L St., Ste G
Harrington House, 286 M St.
KFUG Radio,
KGRE Radio, 1345 Northcrest Dr
KPOD Radio, 1345 Northcrest Dr
Light Center Tutoring, College of the Redwoods, 883 W. Washington Blvd.
Mor-Jon Napa Auto Parts, 137 E. Washiington St.
Open Door Community Health Center, 550 E. Washington Blvd. (3)
Open Door Teen Clinic, 883 W. Washington Blvd
Redwood Voice, 990 Front St.
Remi Vista, Inc. 370 9th St.
Starboard Tattoo Parlor, 1349 Northwest Dr.
Tsunami Games, 260 I St.
Veterns Administration, 810 H St.
Wild Rivers Community Foundation, 990 Front St.
Workforce Center, 286 M St.

Gold Beach, OR (31)

Bright Eyes Midwifery & Wild Rivers Women's Health Center, 29135 Ellensburg Ave.
C & M Equipment, 29309 Ellensburg Ave.
Carquest Auto Parts,29536 Ellensburg Ave
Chowder House, 29376 Ellensburg Ave
Christian Help Thrift Store, 29813 Colvin St,
Christian Help Food Bank, 29811 Colvin St. Ste 1
Curry Community Health, Behavioral Health, 29821 Colvin St.
Curry Community Health, Clubhouse, 29845 Airport Way
Curry Community Health, Integrated Community Services, 29692 Ellensburg Ave..
Curry County Reporter, 29286 Ellensburg Ave,
Curry County Sheriff's Office, 29808 Colvin St.
Curry Health Network, Hospital (3)
Double D's Cafe, 29441 Ellensburg Ave.
Elk River Training Home, 94178 9Th St
Gold Beach Books, Biscuit Coffeehouse, Biscuit Art Gallery, 29707 Ellensburg Ave
Gold Beach City Hall, 29592 Ellensburg Ave.
Gold Beach High School, 29516 Ellensburg Ave,
Gold Beach Police Department, 29592 Ellensburg Ave.
Gold Beach Speedy Mart, 29830 Ellensburg Ave.
Harmony Home for Seniors and People with Disabilities, Crook
KGBR, 29795 Ellensburg Ave
La Casita de Oro Mexican Food, 29471 Ellensburg Ave.
Mangia Buff Italian Dining,
Napa Auto Parts, 29661 Ellensburg Ave.
Oasis Shelter Home, Inc, Gold Bach
Port Hole Cafe lobby, 29975 Harbor Way *
Rouge Outdoor Store, 29865 Ellensburg Ave.
Senior Center, 29841 Airport Way
Wally's House, 94166 Eighth St.

Klamath Falls (1)

Art and Soul Tattoo Gallery, 701 Main St

Langlois, OR (3)

Langlois Community Church, 94284 Main St.
Langlois Market, 48444 US-101,
Langlois Public Library, 48234 Hwy 101

Port Orford, OR (18)

Buddhas Recreational Center, 264 6th St., Ste D
Coast Community Health Center, 1312 Tichener Ave.
Curry Community Health, Integrated Services, 1403 Oregon St.
Curry Health Network, 525 Madrona St.
Kar Kare Auto Parts, 1717 Oregon St.
Mr. Ed's Espresso & Juice, 1320 Oregon St., Ste A
Port Orford City Hall, 555 20th St. *
Port Orford Food Co-op, 812 Oregon St.
Port Orford Library, 1421 Oregon St. *
Port Orford Police Department, 555 20th St.
Port Orford RV Village, 2855 Port Orford Loop Rd
Port Orford Senior Center, 1536 Jackson St.
Port Orford Visitor's Center, 520 Jefferson St, *
South Coast Gourmet Specialty Foods, 832 Oregon St.
Tasty Kate's, 917 St. Highway 101.
TJ's Cafe and Coffee House, 1825 Oregon St.
Wild Oaks Grill, 1825 Oregon St
Zion Lutheran Church, 2015 Washington St,

Smith River, CA (8)

Lucky 7 Casino, 350 N. Indian Rd. (employee program)
Smith River Library, 241 Front St.
Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation (in five service offices on tribal land)
Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation Family Services, 110 W First St.

* Semicolon cards only