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The proposed Wisconsin State flag

America's First Fascist State

The rise of the labor unions and social movements threaten to usurp the power, wealth and privilege of the ruling caste, and every segment of society. Therefore, Wisconsin dictator Scott Walker plans to put an end to this on his own authority. with total support of the RNC and the TEA Party. It's the George W. Bush philosophy - don't negotiate, instead challenge the other side with "Bring it on." The Republican National Committee (RNC) tried to put a spin on the situation by saying it was the Democrats instead of the people of Wisconsin, who created this situation. Yet, the number one Google.com spot when you put in "Wisconsin" is RNC asking for funds to campaign in Wisconsin. Of course the Democrats are part of the protest. Democrats are for people. Republicans are for only the people that are Corporations. And, one of the largest private corporations in this country, run by the Koch brothers, has responded. See http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/22/us/22koch.html?_r=1

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The 100 Best Protest Signs At The Wisconsin Capitol

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American Workforce Makeover

FOX News. You asked us to decide. We've decided. You make stuff up.

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