Prince Ea

The shocking truth about the school 6:07
Every student needs to see this 1:50
He is saying "sex" is ovedrrated 1:00
Before you have sex watch this video 4:21
Before you call Jim Carrey "Crazy" watch 8:33
He is saying what every "Instagram Celeb" Needs to hear1:00
The shocking truth about school lunch 4:00
Everyone needs to see this. 5:00
You won't succeed until you do these 3 things   3:09
Before it's too late 5:18
How to know if you're in love 3:40
The shocking meaning of row row row your boat! 3:01
Before you go to school 8:20 Check out the Innovation It's free
Feeling stuck?  3:07
The power of death 1:47
How to pick your friends 2:11
The prison of perfection 4:18
This is who you are 3:26
Before you break up 3:19
Before you write thaat angry post 4:32
When life hurts, watch this 3:17