Talk to Your Teen

Communication is the number one way to keeping your teenager happy and healthy. Talking to your teen will open doors for both of you and strengthen your relationship. Learn to talk to your teen about the life issues they are facing using our communication resources.

Strategies for Developing a Positive Pattern of Communication with Teens

Learn how to change some of the negative patterns of communication and find more positive ways to relate to your teen.

How to Build Credibility with Your Teen

Find out the best ways to build credibility with your teen so your teen will value your opinion.

Sarcasm Gets Lost in Translation with Teens: Here's Why

Find out why sarcasm isn't usually helpful with teens.

10 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Teen

Check out these ideas to help you find ways to spend quality time with your teen.

How to Respond When Your Daughter Says She's Fat

Many teen girls criticize their bodies but you can respond in a way that will help her to become more accepting of herself.

The Right Way to Talk About School Shootings

The conversations you have with your teen about tragic events like a school shooting can be instrumental in helping your teen cope.

How to Validate Your Teen's Feelings (Even When They Seem Irrational) Validating your teen's feelings - even when it seems irrational - can help you build a healthy a relationship.

8 Communication Strategies that Encourage Teens to Open Up

These 8 techniques can improve your communication and encourage your teen to talk to you.

Skyrocket Your Teens Independence by Teaching Problem-Solving Skills Find out how to help your teen learn how to effectively solve problems.

How to Talk to Teens About Awkward, Embarrassing, and Overall Tough Subjects

Find out how to talk to teens about difficult subjects such as sex, dating, bullying, and drugs.

Dealing with Teen Drama? Reflect Back What You Hear

Learn how to use reflective listening with your teen to open up the lines of communication, even when you're teen's being a little overly dramatic.

Step Into Your Teen's World to Stay Connected

Learn how to connect with your teen by using media that your child is interested in.

10 Reasons You Should Teach Your Teen to Speak Up Herself

Assertiveness skills are one of the most important things teens should learn. Find out the many benefits of assertive behavior.

Most Teens Aren't in Touch With Their Feelings: Here's How Parents Can Help

Learn the benefits of teaching your teen how to label and manage his emotions.

What's Your Teen's Communication Style?

Learn how to identify your teen's communication style.

Learn to Talk to Your Teen in 5 Days

Knowing how to talk to your teen in different situations is the number one effective parenting skill. Learn how here with our free online parenting class.

Be Consistent with Your Teen and Enjoy a Better Relationship

Parents, learn how to be consistent when talking to your teen or when using your discipline skills and it will help your relationship.

How to Help a Shy Teen Build Self-Confidence

Find out how you can help a shy teen behave assertively.

6 Tips on Talking with Your Teen Daughter

Talking to your teen daughter about important issues doesn't have to be hard. Learn how here.

5 Nonverbal Communication Cues Parents Can Use

Article for parents of teens, - Keep the Lines of Communication with Your Teen Open and Positive Positive Nonverbal Communication Cues Parents Can Use

10 Reasons Why Cheating is Wrong

10 Reasons Why Cheating is Wrong Teens do not always understand why cheating is wrong. Here are ten reasons why cheating is wrong which you can use while talking with your teen.

Five Signs You Are Having a Respectful Conversation with Your Teen

Article for parents of teens who want to learn how to respectfully talk with thier teens.

Stop Yelling at Your Teen, Here's How

Article for parents of teens who want to learn how to stop yelling at thier teen.

10 Reasons to Give Your Teen Why Lying is Wrong

Sometimes all you need to talk to your teen about a tough topic is the words. Here you will find ten talking points you can use with your teen to have a conversation about lying. Editor: You've inadvertantly taught your kids that lying is okay.

Parents, Take Note of Today's Youth Culture to Keep Connected With Your Teen

Parents of teens should you use every means they have available to connect with their child and know what is going on in their daily lives. Keeping a pulse on todays youth culture will help.

How To Praise Your Teen

Article for parents of teenagers - Praise Your Teen – Learn How to Praise Your Teen Here

10 Ways to Send a Clear Message to Your Teenager

A sure-fire way of inviting problems into your relationship with your teenager is by sending mixed or unclear messages. Clear communication is an absolute must if you want to have a bonding relationship with your teenager. It helps build a foundation of trust, fosters a healthy self-esteem, encourages positive behavior and helps tone down frustration and stress in the family.

Communication Skills for Parents

Parenting article on the Parenting of teens site at Active listening Communication Skills for Parents to Learn for Talking to Teens

How To Role-Play with Your Teen

How to role play and use this method of communication and teaching.

10 Communication Mistakes that Prevent Teens from Talking to Parents

Learn about the 10 most common communication mistakes that can prevent teens from opening up.

Learn to Fall Back and Regroup In 5 Easy Steps

How to Talk to Your Teen About Sex

Talking to teens about sex may be one the hardest things a parent has to do. But, by doing you, you make other things so much easier. Learn how with these parenting teens tips.

Talking About Sex with Your Teen: Dealing with 4 Barriers

Article for parents of teens who feel talking about sex will be tough and see specific problems that they may have.

How To Talk to Your Teen About Dating

On the topic of teen dating, how do you talk to your teen about dating? Get teen dating tips for parents here.

How To Talk to a Teen with ‘Looking for a Date’ Jitters

How To Talk to Your Teen About Smoking

Practical article on how to talk to your teen about smoking.

How To Talk to Your Teen About a Future Career

Parents need to learn to help their teen conquer this hefty question by dropping little seeds of conversation as time goes by and watch them grow into wonderful ideas.

Talking to Your Teen About Today's Economy

Talking to Your Teen About Todays Economy

A Healthy Parent/Teen Relationship: Why It's Worth Fighting For

Find out some of the reasons why it is important to have a healthy relationship with your teen.

Five First-rate Opportunities to Talk Money Sense with Your Teen

Money and Teens: Teens need to learn money sense! Here are five times you can step up and talk to your teenager about money - and he will listen!

Talking to Teens About Friendship

Tips on talking to teens about friendship.

How To Talk to Your Teen About Homosexuality

How to Talk to Your Teen About Homosexuality

Parents: Decipher Your Teen's Slang with This Guide

A teen slang dictionary - slang dictionary for parents of teens who need help with slang communication suggestions.

Talking to Teens for Parents Best Time to Talk to Your Teen

When have you found is the best time to talk to your teen? Is it after they have gotten rest? Is the time different if you want to use discipline...