The Semicolon Project
Apple offers an app for "Curing" gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people?
Budget Cuts - Obviously, some group thinks too many people are working and the rest don't need any services|
Boycott Koch Brothers products before they own you, too
Wisconsin - Our first Fascist State
The proposed update of the Preamble to the Constitution
The "We Hate Women" Congress
"Let Women Die" legislation currently before Congress
The First Hundred of 1421 Bills in the 112th Congress
TEA Partys are a Pawn for the Very Rich like the Koch Brothers
New Florida Republican Gov. Shutters State Drug Control Office - January 7, 2011
The billionaires are on the warpath 13:00 Video
What would it cost to save the world? 2:00 Video
The John Birch Society's infiltration into thousands of America's classrooms with their anti-democracy, anti-historical message
Vote or else Video

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