John Birch Society
John Birch Society Indoctrination of Brookings, Oregon Middleschoolers


John Birch Society Indoctrination of Brookings, Oregon Middleschoolers
It has come to our attention that part, if not all, of a DVD, created by the John Birch Society, was shown to two 6th grade social studies classes recently at Azalea Middle School in Brookings, Oregon. This is part of a concentrated effort by the JBS to indoctrinate as many children as possible, through their own schools, about the dangers of democracy. Be on the alert! The information was said to have come from a secret "educational" web site ( Ownership of this web site is secret, which brings into question its legitimacy as to the kind of education or indoctrination it is involved in. Some believe that it is a base for religious home schooling advocates, possibly even the JBS itself.

The DVD is titled Brief overview of all types of government 10:36 It opens on the title "The American Form of Government". This "educational" clip has been edited from the JBS :29 DVD titled "Overview of America written and narrated by John F. McManus.

JBS's concentrated effort to deluge schools with their anti-democracy, anti-historical propaganda.

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