Boycott Koch Brothers products before they own you, too ... A movement of the majority ... Alcoholic Popsicles Available in Arizona...Bored? Check this out...Parent Alert: Lazy Cakes Are Not for Teens ... FOX Fabricates the News: "You Decide" ... Lab Tests Find Carcinogen in Regular and Diet Coke and Pepsi ...Many Have 'False Impressions' About Health Care Reform ...Teenage Girls Continue to 'Fake 'n' Bake' Despite Health Warnings ...Where are all the "job growth" bills? ...Danger: Tac in Hair Dryer Prank...Talk to your kids about alcohol ... Feeling depressed? Check out this... Got a hour to spare? Need to smile? Check this out... What is "Moral"? ...

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January 2 - Have a humorous New Year - on KURY 910-AM

January 16 - Keep the Duck - on KURY 910-AM  

January 30 - Creating a Culture of Dignity - on KURY 910-AM

What if we lose a few species. There are millions left, right?

The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER.

Crisis Line - 877-519-9322
Alcohol Free Community Events
Are You an Alcoholic?
Balance the Federal Budget. It's not really that Hard, Honest
"Bully" the Movie - Rating revised to PG-13
(It's rated G in Canada. What do they know?)
Claire's Markets Flasks to Tween Girls
Constitutional Clarity
Corporate Greed
Country’s First Alcopop-Free Zone Supported by Marin County (CA) Supervisors
Contract for the American Dream
Don't let your child go to one of these Colleges!
Drug Deaths in Oregon - 2007
Drug Testing
Electoral College Prediction Model Points To A Mitt Romney Win In 2012
Expecting Better: A State-by-State Analysis of Laws That Help New Parents Oregon Ranked 7th
Feeling sad, depressed, withdrawn? Try this.
Great American Smoke-Out
Health Dangers during Spring Break
How pregnancy happens - Animation
Is there a potential shooter at BHHS?
If you drink, could this be you?
Just a Nickel a Drink - Take Action
Mascots & Racism
Morality Police
Oregon has the 3rd lowest beer tax in the nation
Oregon's State Laws - 2008
Oregon Prison Population # 1
Oregon Teachers & Abuse
Pay 2 Play about Citizens United
Pepperspray for Peace
Politics - Talking Points
Prom/Graduation Night
Parental Pledge
Question: Know your Constitution!
Does ObamaCare violate the Constitution?
Secret Millionaires Club
Secret's Out
Talking Points
Teen Marijuana Use - Oregon
Underage Tobacco Use - Oregon
You can say 'No' to vaccinations, right?
Where do your Federal Taxes go?

See this 81 minute documentary (Cactus 3) especially if you think the drinking age should be lowered to 18

Curry County, OR

Learn more about the Measure 8-71 Law Tax Levy
Gold Beach
Pistol River
Port Orford
Being a Social Host
Challenge Day came to Curry County
Curry County falls behind in Education
Curry County 2008 Overview
Curry County in 2010?
Do curfews work? Perception versus facts
Dangers of Water Fluoridation
Educational Performance Detail 1011
Healthy Teen Surveys
Religious Affiliation
Suicide in Curry County
Underage Drinking - Curry County
Youth Drink More Where Alcohol Outlets Proliferate

Brookings-Harbor, OR
Brookings/Harbor Booze Cruise
BHHS Disciplinary Incidences - 1011
Bullying at Azalea
Bully suveys for
those who have been bullied
saw bullying happen
District 17C falls behind in Education
Dropout Rates
Earn a Million More
Educational Performance Detail - 1011
The next
First Friday Salon
Health Services - Brookings/Harbor
Men's Mini Health Fair 1/07 - Brookings
Men's Mini Health Fair 2/08 - Brookings
Organic & Grass-fed Locally
School District 17C 2010-2011 Report Card
Super Bowl 2010 Azalea Middle School Survey
2013 "
Through My Eyes™" Essay Contest VIII
Top 25 Essays - VIII
2012 "
Through My Eyes™" Essay Contest VII
Top 25 Essays
"Through My Eyes" Essay Contest VI
Top 25 Essays
"Through My Eyes" Essay Contest V
Top 25 Essays
"Through My Eyes" Essay Contest IV
Top 25 Essays
"Through My Eyes" Essay Contest III
Top 25 Essays
"Through My Eyes" Essay Contest II
Top 25 Essays
"Through My Eyes" Essay Contest I
Top 25 Essays
So you want to start your own
"Through My Eyes™" Essay Contest
"Voices" on KURY-AM
Volunteers in Police Service
Wealthy Lawmakers Oppose Measures 66 & 67 - 1/5/10 Town Hall Stump Speeches

Gold Beach, OR
Educational Performance Detail 1011
Gold Beach falls behind in Education
Dropout Rates
Wealthy Lawmakers Oppose Measures 66 & 67 - 1/5/10 Town Hall Stump Speeches
"Through My Eyes™ "Essay Contest I - Alcohol

Pistol River, OR

American Windsurfing Tour 2013

May 30-June 6 Santa Cruz (CA) Goya Windsurfing Festival
June 18-23 Pistol River (OR) Wave Bash presented by Naish
July 17-21 Freestyle Frenzy/ Big Air, The Hatchery, WA
July 27-August 3 Quatro Desert Showdown, Baja, Mexico:
End of August TBD Pacasmayo Classic, Peru:
Sept 16-21 Hatteras Wave Jam, NC
Oct 24-November 6 Maui Makani Classic, HI

Pistol River Wave Bash, Pistol River State Park, at Gold Beach June 18th thru the 23rd, 2013

Direct short-cut to our Wave Bash coverage:

People naturally tend to expect the next one to be even bigger and better and more widely attended than the last one. The Tour is Coming! Introducing Trade Wind Event's break out 2013 American Windsurfing Tour. The same people who presented the hugely successful 2012 Pistol River Wave Bash, will be a driving force behind the annual American Windsurfing Tour. The infamous Pistol River Wave Bash becomes the second stop on the tour. The sailing season is in full swing. The swells of Spring are still hitting. The tides are auspicious. Look for the 2013 Pistol River Wave Bash to draw talent from Maui, all up and down the west coast as well as the east coast and hopefully even further. So if you have something else scheduled that week, you might want to start trying to get out of it now. This double elimination windsurfing contest will be run during the two best days of wind and waves, and SUP contests/events will fill any no-wind days or settle for the least windy mornings anyway.
Source: American Windsurfing Tour

Latest News
2013 Schedule
2013 Riders
2013 Results
5 Reasons Why You Need to Go to the Bash
First time spectators - What to bring to the event
Competitors: Important Information
Flying In
Essentials to be a windsurfer

Voices on KURY-AM 910 - International Windsurf Contest
comes back to Pistol River

2013 (to post when available)
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Keep windfurfing as an Olympic Discipline
Looking for More Windsurfing Events?
The US Windsurfing Association
The British Wavesailing Association


Pistol River Wave Bash 2012 - June 14-17
American Windsurfing Tour

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3/4
Super Final





Voices on KURY-AM 910 - International Windsurf Contest comes to Pistol River
2012 Schedule
2012 Riders
2012 Results

Pistol River Wave Bash 2011 - June 15-19 American Windsurfing Tour
Pistol River Wave Bash 2011 - Web Site
w/Kevin Pritchard -

2011 Schedule
2011 Riders
2011 Results

Pistol River Wave Bash: The Super Final

Channel 12 - Medford - 2:20
Final Day - 6/19/11 - Video - 2:51
Day 3 - 6/18/11 - Video
Day 2 - 6/17/11 - Video - 3:39
Day 1 - 6/16/11 - Video - 3:11

Round 3 - Heading for Baja - 1:47


Pistol River Wave Bash 2010 - June 17-20

Pistol River Wave Bash 2010 - Web Site
2010 Schedule
2010 Riders
2010 Results

Final Day - Super Final - 6/20/10 - Video
Day 3 - 6/19/10 - Video
Day 2 - 6/18/10 - Video
Day 1 - 6/17/10 - Video
Photos of the 2010 event
Follow-up story from Ben Jones
Follow-up story from a local
Pistol River Wave Bash 2003 - Video

Meet Sam Bittner

Thanks Sam

Port Orford, OR
Dropout Rates
Educational Performance Detail 1011
Port Orford leads County in Education
Wealthy Lawmakers Oppose Measures 66 & 67 - 1/5/10 Town Hall Stump Speeches

 Crystal Darkness DVD

Crisis Line
24 hours a day, every day
800.448.3000, or for TDD 800.448.1833

Need to Talk?
Therapists nationwide
Psychiatrist in Brookings

More Help Here

You may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 if your information leads to the arrest or indictment of a felon. Caller remains anonymous. Toll-free at 1-888-974-0000 or 1-541-412-0989.

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